Thursday, June 19, 2014

30 Days of Star Wars: Day 19

A Character You Didn't Like In The Series

Again, from 78 Reasons To Hate Episode 1

General Grievous was one of my biggest problems with Episode III before seeing the movie, and after seeing it that hasn't changed. Pictures of General Grievous led me to believe that he was a hell-demon of pure evil. Two seconds after seeing him onscreen in the theater showed that he was just a big, dumb idiot.

Nearly any possible potential fear of Grievous is eliminated as soon as he doubles over to begin hacking and wheezing. It is already relatively difficult to be scared of a robot with emphysema, but any remaining potential for fear is removed when he begins talking.

To further weaken Grievous's character, he is a tremendous coward: a scheming, double-crossing bad guy who would be better suited as the nemesis of a cartoon rabbit than the Jedi order. It is also worthy of noting how bizarre it is that Grievous coughs as much as he does, considering he doesn't appear to have any lungs.

(my thoughts)
People have argued that Grievous has this incredible backstory that explains the coughing, and why he has an actual heart.  That's wonderful. However, when I sit in the theatre to watch the movie for the first time, I DON'T HAVE THAT KNOWLEDGE UNLESS IT'S GIVEN TO ME! Since this was never explained in Revenge of The Sith, the audience is left wondering what is wrong with this character, and why any of the Jedi even care about his existence since he's not scary at all.

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