Tuesday, June 24, 2014

30 Days of Star Wars: Day 24

Star Wars Collectibles

It should be no surprise to anyone to hear that I have A LOT of Star Wars stuff.  Over the years I've collected many, many items.  Books, music, movies, mugs, posters, and even a few action figures!  It would've taken a very long time to take an actual picture of all the stuff I have, so I found pictures on the internet of my very favorite collectibles to share with you.

My most prized Star Wars items are the plates I purchased from Hamilton Collection years ago.  No, they aren't the kind you eat off of!

These three plates hang on a wall in our bedroom.  The Empire Strikes Back plate is my favorite from this collection.

These four plates are on another wall in our bedroom.  I love all 4 of these plates.

You can find this scoundrel in our front room, inside our huge bookshelf.

This is my very favorite Star Wars poster, and it hangs in our spare bedroom.  When I was little, this was the picture on the cover of the soundtrack to this movie....in it's RECORD form.  I remember having the hardest time figuring out what was going on with the pose of Han and Leia.  I wondered why their were necks cut off!

This poster hangs behind my desk in my classroom during half of the school year.  Yep, I quote it often when talking to 5th graders!

When the Special Edition was released in theatre's, this was the poster made for Star Wars.  It's my favorite of the Special Edition posters, and hangs in our spare bedroom along with The Empire Strikes Back poster.

This is the poster that is currently hanging behind my desk at school.  By far my favorite, I love catching students reading it and using the phrases during the day.  You'd be surprised how often I hear it!  There are great words to live by on this poster.

I've always wanted a vanity plate for my car.  Years ago I did a post about Star Wars license plates. Click here to read about it.  Everyone at work knows my car because of this awesome plate!

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