Wednesday, June 25, 2014

30 Days of Star Wars: Day 25

Han & Leia

Bantering back and forth; constant name calling; chemistry all over the place.  Who else could we be talking about but The Princess and the Scoundrel?  Where Anakin and Padme failed MISERABLY in the romance department (in the opinion of not only me, but thousands of others), Han and Leia's romance was a success.

The romance of Han and Leia was so much fun to watch unfold.  From the moment they met, they irritated each other, and fought incessantly.  As an audience, we loved every single minute of it.  We cheered when Han kissed Leia,  and hoped that this meant they really did have feelings for each other.

Below are two videos about their relationship.  Take note boys:  THIS is how you win a woman's heart.  We love scoundrels with a good heart, not men who stare at us and creep us out with their temper tantrums!

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