Thursday, June 26, 2014

30 Days of Star Wars: Day 26

Ways The Prequels Screwed Up The Original Trilogy

I hate how the prequels have screwed up certain elements of the original trilogy.  One MAJOR issue that arises due to the changes is Leia's memory of her mother......her REAL mother.  Once again, the writers from 78 Reasons To Hate Star Wars Episode 1 have said it better than I ever could.

Leia's Award-Winning Memory

One of the most obvious questions that comes up regarding the prequels and how they relate to the original movies is Leia's memory of her mother.  In Return of the Jedi, Leia tells Luke that she only remembers images of her mother, that she was "very beautiful, but sad."  The major question is this: how does Leia remember her mother if she was only alive together with her mother for a total of one minute?  The answer to this may be: "Well, Leia is talking about her adoptive mother, so there!"  The answer to that is, of course, that Luke says, "Tell me about your mother, your real mother."

Another shoddy apologist answer would be: "Well, Leia was an exceptional baby and because of the Force she remembered her mother."  This is an even worse explanation, seeing that Luke was there at the time and was actually born first.  Being born even a mere twenty seconds earlier than Leia means that he spent a considerable percentage more of his life with his mother than Leia did.

At this point, we can only assume that Princess Leia is just really, really stupid and is actually referring to photographs of her mother that Bail Organa showed her.

(On my own personal side note:  Why did Leia passionately kiss Luke in The Empire Strikes Back if she'd always known they were brother and sister?  Remember from the clip, when Luke tells her that they're related, she says, "I know.  Somehow, I've always known".  SAY WHAT?!?  Ewww.  I don't have a brother, and I'm not adopted, but if I were and didn't know all the details about my family history, I wouldn't go around kissing men if I had even the slightest inclination that they were my long-lost brother!!)

Back to the professionals:

Princess Leia?
Let's take a look at the possibilities of Princess Leia, movie by movie. Shall we?

The Phantom Menace
In the first movie of the prequel trilogy, we met Luke and Leia's mother, Queen Amidala. As her name would imply, she was a queen. Moments after being introduced to her character, it was apparent that Princess Leia would be a princess because her mother was a queen. So, that was settled!

Attack of the Clones
Wait a minute! She was an elected queen? She's not a queen anymore? But that's stupid... queens aren't elected! We thought we had it all figured out. Furthermore, how is Princess Leia a princess? Oh well, I'm sure they'll explain it in the next movie...

Revenge of the Sith
So, when a senator adopts a baby girl on Alderaan, he reserves the right to call her a princess? Perhaps a better name for Leia in the original trilogy would have been Daddy's little Princess Leia.

Again, thanks George for screwing up one of my favorite scenes from Return of The Jedi.  You're a real peach.

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