Tuesday, June 3, 2014

30 Days of Star Wars: Day 3

Most Overrated Star Wars Character

This day was very easy to choose.  The most overrated Star Wars character is BY FAR this guy:

Why is Boba Fett overrated?  Well, he only manages to capture Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back with help from Darth Vader, oh, and the entire Empire.  He's only in Return of the Jedi for about 8 seconds and is killed in such a ridiculous way.  No other character in cinematic history has produced a fan following so disproportionate to his actual on-screen accomplishments.  People wearing Boba Fett costumes have probably killed more people than Boba Fett does in the trilogy.

Die hard Fett fans like to argue that Fett is worthy of the hype because he survives the Sarlacc pit in the Expanded Universe and goes on to have many adventures and kill a lot of people.  Sorry, I'm sticking to the original trilogy here.  Fett does NOTHING worthy of his legion of fans in these 3 movies to warrant the attention.  Others will argue still that the prequels make him an even more interesting character because of his father.  I would counter that Jango Fett is a stupid character, and that he was only created because of the overrated popularity of Boba Fett.  Plus, bringing up Jango Fett is a lousy argument because, where Jango does A LOT more than Boba ever did, he also dies a ridiculous death!

Below is a clip of Boba Fett's death:

And here is a clip of Jango Fett's death.  Can someone explain to me:
1.  Why did Jango twirl his blaster like he's in the Old West?
2.  Why didn't he fly in the air when he saw Mace Windu coming towards him?
3.  Why did Mace Windu seem so distraught when he cut off Jango Fett's head?


The following video is HILARIOUS, and proves my point EXACTLY.  There are a few curse words that aren't bleeped out (the alternate word for butt is heard multiple times, and the other word for poop is used once), so be aware.  I would usually be on the side of the guy with the facial hair, horrified as this other guy degrades the movies I love so much.  But here, he nails it!

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