Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Teacher Humor

This is the last week of summer vacation.  I can't believe it's already come, but it has.  As I prepare to go back into "teacher mode" next week, here are some funny quotes I found on pinterest about teachers.

This is exactly how I feel right now!

I did this just a few weeks ago.  Getting to the stores before everyone else was SO AWESOME!

This is how I feel right now!

#1, 2, 5, 8 are my favorites!

Who are we kidding...I don't hide the candy I eat at all.  I eat it in front of them!!!

Isn't this the truth!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

30 Days of July, 2014: Day 19

Let's face it; we all have them. Certain things in life that make you want to scream, pull out your hair, or slap the person sitting closest to you! Journey with me today to discover my top 5 pet peeves in life.

#5:  Cleaning the bathroom/No toilet paper

I HATE CLEANING BATHROOMS! I have hated it for as long as I can remember, and will probably hate it until I'm dead. I don't know what it is that makes me despise this chore so very much, especially since a dirty bathroom isn't exactly a pleasant place to be. My skin just crawls at the very thought of it.

While we're talking about bathrooms, how many of you hate this? If you see the roll is empty, or near empty GRAB ANOTHER ROLL FOR THE NEXT PERSON!! There's nothing worse than be caught without this; and it's even worse if you're in a public restroom! I've learned to check for toilet paper before I use the restroom because this bothers me so much!

#4:  "Vaguebooking"

How many of us have either seen, or are culprits of doing this? When vague status updates come up, I ignore them because they drive me crazy! Who wants to scroll through their Facebook feed just to find this stuff? What's even more annoying is when friends give in and ask what the vague post was about, and the person STILL doesn't give any information!

#3: Slow music in church

Okay, let me clarify this. I have major issues with songs that are meant to be played fast, but are ALWAYS played slowly. The songs that drag on for what seems like an ETERNITY, and make you want to poke your eyes out with a fork because you wonder if they are ever going to end! Those of you who go to church know EXACTLY what I'm talking about and are laughing. As a pianist, it's my job to watch the chorister, and to play at the speed they are conducting.

I've heard the phrase "conducting is just waving your arm". I HATE THAT PHRASE, because it isn't true. Conducting music is a talent. Unfortunately, most people don't have time to learn it for church purposes. If I'm playing for a chorister who doesn't really know what they are doing, and are conducting slowly when the song needs to go faster, I will take off and play the song at the speed it should go! It's also annoying when you have a conductor who knows what they are doing and then you have a pianist who doesn't pay attention and plays frustrating!!

Here's an example of a song that is often played WAY TOO SLOW. In this clip, it is played perfectly.

#2:  People who use horrible grammar

This pet peeve hits home because I'm a teacher. The incorrect use of the English language is something we see more and more. Facebook and text messaging encourage this with their use of acronyms. People have become lazy, and simply don't care anymore. It's very frustrating.

I've always taken pride in my ability to spell and use the language correctly. There are certain words and phrases that I use wrong even today; no one is perfect! But I always try to speak using proper grammar.

Below are a few pictures that simply made me laugh out loud. These are probably the biggest "offenders" of words that are either spelled incorrectly, or actually said wrong.

Just this week, Weird Al released a song title "Word Crimes" that parodies how people use words and phrases wrong. On a side note, I'm so proud of the fact that I have NO IDEA what this song is. I've read articles about how horrible the lyrics are to the original song, and even Nick was stunned that I was listening to it...until he realized it was Weird Al!

#1:  Bad drivers

I don't know of anyone who can say that bad drivers don't make them want to pull out their hair! We battle bad driver's every single day on the road. If you can't follow the rules of the road, don't drive on it.

If the speed limit is 40mph; don't drive 30mph. People who don't drive the speed limit are dangerous, and very frustrating. Either drive, or walk to where you're going if you're going to drive slow enough that I could run beside you and be going faster than you!

Blinkers are our friend, and people should use them more often.

Tailgating is probably the worst thing you can do while driving. It is my biggest driving pet peeve. If I am in the fast lane, and I'm already going 5 miles over the speed limit, and the cars in the next lane are going slower than I am, don't expect me to move over for you! Not only do you put everyone else in harms way, but you look really stupid driving really fast, only to sit at the red light up ahead!

This is EXACTLY what I do if you are tailgating me! Is it any safer than tailgating? No. But I won't let you intimidate me into driving faster because you are a jerk!

So, there are my top 5 pet peeves!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Life With Epilepsy (30 Days of July, 2014: Day 18)

Many of you know that I have a seizure disorder.  For some reason, I rarely call it epilepsy, even though once you've have two seizures that's what the diagnosis is.  I think I shy away from that phrase because it's scary.  I don't think most people really understand what it is, and it makes them uncomfortable.

If you're unfamiliar with my story, read here and here.  My goal today is to shed some light on this condition.

These facts blew me away.  I didn't know that epilepsy was so common before I started writing this post.  What is each day like with epilepsy? Well, keeping reading while I shed some light on what each day is like for me.

I've only had a few Grand Mal seizures...the type where your body shakes and you fall to the floor. Unfortunately, one of them happened while I was student teaching in the 6th grade.  Luckily, the students knew about my disorder, and a few went to find their regular day teacher, who was at the school when it happened.  My most common seizures are Petit Mal.  I could be having a conversation with you and suddenly I just stop doing everything. You might keep on talking to me, but I can no longer talk to you.

When I have a seizure, I have NO IDEA what has happened.  How long have I been "out of it", what did I do while I was having a seizure? It's very frustrating. If it happens while I'm exercising, I'll rewind the DVD to the last thing I remember and then push play until it catches up to the next thing I remember to help me discover how long the seizure was.  If I'm with my family, I'll ask them.

I've already lost my independence once due to epilepsy. I fear that one day I will loose it again. In my 20's I lost my driver's license and had to rely on the good graces of those around me to take me EVERYWHERE I needed to go. I had family and friends keeping their eye on me throughout the day to make sure I made it to where I walking to. At one point I couldn't even work because of this. I've digressed back to a child in many ways, needing my mom to help me more than any adult would like that to happen!

My family has been through a lot when it comes to my seizures. They remember them all, deal with the aftermath, help fill in the blanks of my memory. They worry about me, are afraid that something worse will happen to's exhausting for everyone. I wait for the day when I don't have to hear Brandon ask me if I'm having a seizure because I'm not talking. And I wish that he didn't even have to know that sometimes mommy has seizures. Luckily, he's never seen Grand Mal; I hope that never happens in front of him.

Sometimes I have "auras"; I can sense when a seizure is going to come and can often stop it by using my VNS device. This isn't always the case. Often they hit and I don't know it until I've snapped out of it and am realizing that I've lost time. This is definitely one of the scarier aspects of epilepsy. You never know when it will happen, or where you will be when it does happen. You're like a ticking time bomb. Never knowing when it will happen is another reason why I am such a homebody.

This is how I am feeling as of late. Since my surgery last November, we've been working on getting my seizures back under control. I want nothing more than to have another 6 years seizure free! Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. I am lucky, because I can usually go about a week or two between seizures. But there are times where I will have one each day. Medication changes happen often, as you will often "fail" one, which means it doesn't work for you no matter what the dose is. Right now I'm in the process of changing the dose of one of my medications because I keep having breakthrough seizures.

This is one part of epilepsy that I deal with on almost a daily basis. Headaches come often, lead to migraines, and don't go away with either special headache medication or REALLY strong over-the-counter medication. I've managed to finally find an OTC drug that works: Excedrin Migraine. Surprisingly this medication knocks out almost all of my migraines.

Like I've mentioned before, epilepsy has taken away a lot of my memories. This is both a blessing and a curse. It's very frustrating to not be able to remember events from your own life; important events, like your first marriage, the people you've dated, my pregnancy with Brandon, and most of college. I try, but there is nothing there. The blessings of memory loss are when you don't WANT to remember things; like my first marriage! I've also had many tests done over the years that I'm grateful not to remember.

November is epilepsy awareness month. If I were ever going to get a tattoo, this is what it would be. This is a beautiful logo, and if you see it, know that it represents epilepsy awareness.

My neurologist always tells me that SEIZURES DON'T PLAY FAIR. I've never heard more true advice regarding epilepsy. Overall, I know that my life is blessed. There are people with epilepsy who have a much harder life than I do. I know what causes my seizures. Other people don't. I am able to keep a job, and take care of my family, others can't. I still have the ability to drive, even though I do it A LOT less than before. I function pretty much like a "normal" person. I am very grateful for all that I have, and hope that one day soon I won't have to worry about seizures anymore.

This is me each day I don't have a seizure!

Each day you have to get out of bed, try not to stress about what may or may not happen, and remember this quote!! And overall, you have to do all you can not to stress out about what does happen, because stress causes seizures!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

30 Days of July, 2014: Day 17

Childhood Celebrity Crush

I don't think I can really categorize this as "childhood" crushes because I still adore many of these men today! Anyway, here is the list of those I can remember adoring during my childhood.

Harrison Ford

Yummy then, and having just turned 72 on Sunday, is yummy still! From Han Solo to Indiana Jones and the President in "Air Force One", I can never get enough of this actor!

New Kids On The Block

These 5 guys were without a doubt, my first childhood crush. I loved everything about them: their looks, music, everything! My bedroom was plastered with posters of them, and I could have told you all about them! My love for them isn't as strong today as it once was, but I continue to enjoy the new music they release.

Brad Pitt

I was a fan of Brad until the breakup of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. If he hadn't had an affair, I might still be a fan. To this day I can't watch the episode of "Friends" that he's on...even though it's always been one of my favorites!

Leonardo DiCaprio

After "Romeo & Juliet" and "Titanic", what girl didn't love Leo? He's an actor who is just now showing slight signs of aging. I haven't been interested in seeing his films as of late, but I'll always have the memories of Jack!

George Clooney

"Batman & Robin" was not his finest hour, but I loved watching Clooney on the TV show "E.R.", and in later movies like "Ocean's 11". He seems to be getting more involved in politics lately, and I hear he's thinking of running for Governor of California. They'll probably elect him, considering they elected Arnold twice!