Saturday, July 12, 2014

30 Days of July, 2014: Day 12

1 Thing You've Never Done That Most People Have

Well, this isn't really a "sexy" answer, but one thing I've never done that most people probably have is....

I've never had an alcoholic beverage before....ever. I've never been tempted to taste it, or even curious about how it smells.

There are many reasons I've never had alcohol.  The biggest reason it's never entered my body is because of my religion.  I've been taught my entire life that my body is temple and should be treated as such. Read here for more of what I was taught.

Another reason I ignore alcohol is because of the medication I have to take because of my seizure disorder. The combination would not be pretty, and would likely cause even more seizures.  If my religion wasn't a strong enough reason to stay away from it, then this definitely is!

I don't like running into people who've had too much to drink. This usually happens at the ballpark, or sometimes even Walmart! We go to a baseball game to have an enjoyable time with family and without fail we end up stuck next to the person who's on his 3rd or 4th HUGE cup of beer. You know the person I'm talking about:  the guy who screams at the players, and everyone around him. He looks completely ridiculous because the garbage he's spewing makes absolutely no sense. It makes for a very uncomfortable evening.

Sometimes, however, watching people consume too much alcohol can be A LOT of fun! Nick's job has a big party each year in Park City, Utah. It's this big black tie, prom dress type of thing, with 5 courses, and a cocktail hour to begin with. I wouldn't go, but we get a free night at a beautiful hotel, so why not!?! Anyway, once dinner is over, and the majority of the crowd is completely drunk, they start giving out awards for the stores that have done well, and give out cash prizes if your name is called...which is how they keep you there! The yelling and screaming begins, and I love watching these people go from "normal" to drunk-as-a-skunk within hours! It's great entertainment. And because I know none of them will be driving, I don't feel bad watching it.

If I did drink, I would probably be the loud drunk in the room.  I'm the loud SOBER person in the room most times, so it stands to reason that would be me. Those who know me well are probably laughing right now because they know I'm right!!  If I had to pick between the two, I'll pick the loud sober person every time!

So there you have it. Feel free to drink as much as you'd like, just don't drink and drive. And know that you can always count on me to be your designated driver!!!

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