Sunday, July 13, 2014

30 Days of July, 2014: Day 13

10 Random Facts About Me

I LOVE documentaries! I find learning about events from our past long ago, and even the events that I've been around for, like 9/11, fascinating. This is one reason why having Netflix is a plus: I have access to many different documentaries. I've always been a bit of a history "buff". I just finished watching one about The Civil War, and the JFK assassination.

I HATE having dirty feet! Where most people love to walk outside without shoes, you will NEVER see me doing that; unless I'm at the beach, which rarely happens anyway. I hate it so much that if my feet are dirty when I go to bed, I have to wash them because the thought of going to bed with dirty feet would keep me up at night!

I am left-handed. Not so much random, but unique! Where it was a pain growing up and using desks that were made for right-handed people, and trying to find a pair of scissors that would work, I wouldn't have it any other way. There's a saying that left-handed people are the only people in their right for me!

I don't remember much about my 20's. My seizure disorder began when I was 19 and it greatly effected my memory. I have hardly any memory of my 1st marriage (not a bad thing!), but I also don't remember much about my pregnancy with Brandon, or about the first 2 years of his life, which sucks. If not for the people around me during those years, I'd have no memories at all! Oddly, I remember most things that happened before my seizures began, and then the memories pick up again around the time I hit 30.

I've had each side of my brain literally turned off. While searching for the cause of my seizures, I had a procedure done where a catheter was inserted into my femoral artery and something was injected into my brain to turn one side off at a time. I was awake, and asked simple questions like what an object was, or what day of the week it was. Depending on what side was turned off, I could or couldn't answer them. It was the coolest test ever and I gained a great amount of respect for how complex the brain is. The irony is that I remember this test!

For the longest time, I wanted to be a marine biologist instead of a teacher. In high school I loved learning about killer whales and other animals found in the ocean. My dad was a teacher, so I grew up knowing and learning about this profession as well. I don't remember what made me change my mind, but it was probably a conversation I had with my mom. She reminded me that the best profession for a mom was a teacher; lots of vacations and an entire summer home! She was always jealous of my dad.

I used to be terrified of the idea of flying in an airplane, even though I'd never been on one. While in high school I was in the band and every 4 years we went on a huge trip that required flying. This was before 9/11, but for some weird reason I was ready to have a panic attack by just the thought of flying. I believe we got me on the plane with the help of an anxiety medication! Once on the plane, I was fine and loved every minute of it. Good thing too, because I flew many times from California to Idaho while I attended BYU-Idaho!

I began blogging by chance. The summer Nick & I remarried, Nick thought about joining the military. I was terrified by this, but supportive. I went online and found many different blogs from military wives. These were the first I read, and what sparked the interest in creating my own blog.

I used to bite my nails constantly. The only way I've found to keep myself from biting my nails is to keep them painted. Since I can't afford manicures, I've learned how to paint them myself. I enjoy painting my nails in different, vibrant colors; and I often paint them in patterns: red and green for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween, red and blue for Independence Day.

I despise, with a PASSION, the color pink! I have no idea why. Maybe there's some forgotten childhood trauma involving pink. If Brandon had been a girl, the color's in the room would've been lavender and purple...there would've been no pink at all!

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