Thursday, July 3, 2014

30 Days of July, 2014: Day 3

The Last Movie You Saw in The Movie Theatre

I'm not a big movie "buff".  For one, movies are way too expensive to see in a theatre, and since I'm not one who has extra cash on hand EVER, this tends to be the main reason we don't go more often.  The other reason is that most movies don't appeal to me.

The last time I went to the theatre was during the Christmas season of 2013.  The last movie I saw was:

I love the movie Mary Poppins, so this movie immediately appealed to me.  I also enjoy both Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks.  This movie was so much fun.  I laughed and I bawled my eyes out.  These two actors played so well off each other, it was a joy to see.