Friday, July 4, 2014

30 Days of July, 2014: Day 4

If You Could Rid The World of One Thing, What Would It Be?

It's fitting that this is the topic on the 4th of July.  And this was not a difficult decision.  Some people would say "famine", "war", or any number of issues that plague the world.  If I could rid the world of one thing, it would be...


Many of you know my political affiliation, but I'm going to try to stay as bi-partisan as possible during this post!

Why politicians?  I think that politicians ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE need to be replaced.  I would love nothing more than to flush them all out and start over. The majority of them are corrupt, and put their own interests above those of the American people. They are more worried about keeping their job then actually DOING their job! I believe that if politicians would LISTEN to the people and EACH OTHER, and put their own partisianship aside, many problems could be solved.

I would love to see term limits for all politicians.  We have them for the office of the President, why not everywhere else? Get "new blood" in there after so many years, and avoid people like Mitch McConnell (R) and Harry Reid (D) running the show, and letting the power of their position take over because THE PEOPLE won't vote them out. We need new people, with new ideas in Washington to help keep things moving; no matter what direction you think they should be going.

Let's face it; we can't rely on the people to vote out the politicians that have overstayed their visit, or made bad choices while in office.  A perfect example of this is our current President.  (oops, I tried, really I did!)   Heck, we can't rely on people to even vote...which is so very sad considering what people in our country went through so that everyone could vote!

Okay, I've been about as bi-partisan as I can be when talking about politics!  I've been watching the TV show The West Wing on Netflix over the past 2 weeks.

I loved this show when it was originally running, but I wasn't engaged enough in politics to really understand the politics behind the show.  Watching it now, this show gives me much more respect for the different positions on the President's staff, like White House Press Secretary...even if I think the person who is in that job is slimy (Jay Carney!!) Where this show makes me crazy is the fact that it follows a Democratic President, and I'm anything but a Democrat.

Notice I didn't say Republican.  I disagree with A LOT of what Republican's believe.  I disagree with the MAJORITY of what Democrats believe.  What do I believe in?

- I believe in small government.  Get out of my life and stop spying on me. Leave me alone to make decisions for myself and my family.

- I believe in the 1st amendment.  The beauty of freedom of speech is that it's really there to protect the speech you DON'T like.  I have a high school friend who has completely different political views from me. The great part is that she and I can have civil, if not heated conversations about our differences and still be friends when we're done! Wouldn't it be great if the people running the country could do the same thing?

- I believe in the 2nd amendment.  I am allowed to protect myself, and my family. If you take my gun, how do I protect myself from you in the event that government tries to COMPLETELY take over?

- I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. My Christian beliefs have taught me this.  This doesn't mean I hate you, or think less of you if you believe differently, because I don't.

- I am pro-life.  It begins at conception. If you don't want the child you've conceived, be completely selfless and give the child to a family who can't have children.

- I am NOT a racist, or a bigot. We may have different views, but we are both fighting for what we believe is right.  Name calling won't help the situation.

A poll came out Wednesday I believe, showing just how upset people in the country are with who's in charge, and how it's going.  Click here for the story, and listen to the second statistic, which FLOORED me!

In the end, this is true:

Anyway, we will all never agree.  And in the spirit of bi-partisian politics, here are 2 YouTube clips that make fun of both sides!  The first is full of political gaffes, and the second is politicians getting a laugh at the expense of the press.

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