Tuesday, July 1, 2014

30 Days of Star Wars Recap

Day 6:  Favorite Part of A New Hope

 Day 7:  Best Star Wars Related Story

Day 8:  Attack of The Creepy Stalker Movie

Day 9:  The Music of Star Wars

Day 10:  All Time Favorite Scene From Any Star Wars Movie

Day 11:  My Favorite Jedi

Day 12:  Star Wars Parodies

Day 13:  Disney Buys Star Wars

Day 14:  Favorite Moment from Revenge of the Sith

Day 15:  Favorite Moment from Return of the Jedi

Day 16:  A Scene That Makes Me Happy

Day 17:  Star Wars Fashion Show

Day 18:  Favorite Movie from the Prequel Trilogy

Day 19: A Character You Didn't Like In The Series 

Day 20:  Favorite Movie From the Original Series

Day 21:  Episode 7 Cast Revealed

Day 22:  Star Wars Quotes

Day 23:  Least Favorite Special Edition Changes

Day 24:  Star Wars Collectibles

Day 25:  Han & Leia

Day 26:  Ways the Prequels Screwed Up The Original Series

Day 27:  YouTube Face-Off

Day 28:  The Expanded Universe

Day 29:  Something You Wish Was Different About The Series

Day 30 :  Why I Love Star Wars

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