Saturday, August 6, 2016

NeuroPace RNS Surgery Recovery: 1 Month

Truer words have NEVER been spoken!!  I found this today and laughed for a good 10 minutes because I've done each one of these over the past month!!!

Wow.  It's already been a month since I had my surgeries.  Amazing.  On a whole, recovery has been going well.  However, the  past two weeks have been full of ups and downs.  Last week I was feeling pretty good. My hearing returned to normal, which was fabulous. I wasn't waking up with migraines any more, which was the most fabulous improvement!  I have a walking exercise DVD and started doing it each morning to help build my strength back.  I took it nice and slow so that I didn't overdue it, and Brandon did his version of it with me to keep me company!  Three of my friends dropped by to visit, which is a big deal because not only am I a hermit who likes to be alone, but I actually had the energy to visit with each of them!  I even had enough energy on Sunday to do my hair and make-up for the first time since surgery and go to a family dinner.  I felt like last week I had taken two giant steps forward in my recovery process.

This last week has felt like I've taken three enormous steps backward.  Monday, my body decided it was very unhappy with either my dinner or something else and forced me to get rid of it.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  Tuesday, I was able to walk around Wal-Mart for quite a while, getting Brandon clothes for the upcoming school year.  I also had an optometrist appointment and made it through.  By the time we got home late that afternoon, I was done for the day.

By Wednesday I was exhausted again, and I stopped using the walking DVD.  All I wanted to do was sleep all day like I had during the prior three weeks.  I did manage to do my nails, which was a big accomplishment, but that was about it.  I had been making dinner for the past few days because I had the energy to do it.  That also just wasn't going to happen.  It was very frustrating.

Thursday, I had one of the worst migraines I've had since my surgery.  It lasted the entire day, even with the pain medication that I had.  It was a miserable day.  My body once again decided it was unhappy with my dinner and I lost it.  It's one thing to have a horrible migraine, but to also have an upset stomach at the same time was almost more than I could handle.

Thursday evening, after my stomach was empty, something incredible happened.  Nick and I checked how many doctor's bills had been posted to our account, and how much we were going to owe.  We were prepared for the bills to be enormous, and figured we'd be dead before they were paid off!  This surgery had accrued around $200,000 dollars, and we only owed a few thousand!  We couldn't believe it since our insurance has often not been the greatest. Needless to say, we've never been more grateful to have medical insurance!

Since the Monday after I came home from the hospital I hadn't had any seizures.  I can usually go up to twelve days without having one, if I'm lucky. This time I was closing in on almost FOUR WEEKS since having one. Where this was phenomenal, and a good thing, I was also a little more than disappointed.  As dumb as this sounds, I began to wonder if all it took was a doctor messing around inside my brain to fix it, and that all of this recovery crap had been for nothing!  Well, my seizures finally reappeared yesterday. When I have a seizure, I will usually have a total of three throughout the day.  We have no idea why, it just seems to be my pattern.  After coming back from getting the mail, my first one came.  I was getting some water and that's all I remember.  I was extremely dizzy for the remainder of the day, and two more seizures came within the next few hours.  I was more than a little relieved; again, as stupid as that sounds.  Those three seizures, along with the dizziness, left me sleeping the rest of the day.  As I write this now, I'm beginning to get dizzy.  Oh well, I'll continue to live with it!

During the first few weeks of my recovery, Brandon's friends stayed away from the house.  They had no idea that I'd had surgery, and I was really grateful they stayed away because not only was the doorbell not ringing, but Brandon was around to help me.  For some reason, that all changed this last week.  If it wasn't someone knocking on the door, it was the doorbell ringing...CONSTANTLY.  I didn't want his friends coming into the house because of how I was feeling, and I REALLY wanted to sleep, so he would go play with them.  Apparently this upset some of his friends, and they would go back down the stairs crying like little babies!  Oh well.  I asked Brandon one day if he was upset that I didn't want his friends coming into the house and he said no because he understood that I was still recovering and needed to rest.  Such a sweet boy!  By Thursday I had to put a note on the front door explaining that Brandon was out playing, and to not ring the bell because I was sick!  Apparently that didn't work because Friday and Saturday morning one of his friends rang our bell at 7:40AM!  Looks like I'll be having another conversation with this boy!

I have nine days left until Teacher Training begins, with 17 until the school year commences.  I'm more than a little worried.  I know that I can do this, but I'm hoping that my body cooperates.  This coming week I plan on using the walking DVD, and while resting in the afternoon, doing as much as I can to prepare my body for training. Luckily, I'll be sitting the majority of the day during this training, so that's a major plus!  I'm excited to see my friends again, but I feel like I've lost an entire month of my vacation since I've done nothing but spend it recovering!

I'm also excited because I'll be getting a haircut in two weeks, and I can finally COLOR MY HAIR!!  When I did my hair last Sunday, I noticed that the right side, where my hair was shaved off for surgery, is much more layered than the left side now, since there's less hair.  That will be fixed with my haircut!  The pictures of my hair are beginning to embarrass me! I'm reminded each day just how long it's been since I've eliminated the gray color that is fighting to be seen by all!  I'm also impressed by how fast the hair the doctor had to shave is growing back.

You can see from the above picture the difference in the layering from the left and right side.

Above is a great shot showing just how fast my hair is growing back.

Ending on a happier note, my scar is healing wonderfully.  I still can't lay on my right side, which is annoying, but washing and brushing my hair no longer hurts.

Each day I try to remember this!

Have a great day everyone!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Poking Fun At Star Wars

Most of you know that I LOVE Star Wars...minus the prequels, that is.  A few months ago I stumbled across two YouTube channels that have provided me with hours of laughter.  One is titled "Everything Wrong With..." where movies are picked apart and made fun of because of the ridiculous issues they present.  The other channel is titled "Honest Trailers" where they sort of do the same thing.  Instead of telling us what we want to hear and see about the movie, this channel gives us trailers about how the movies really are!  Sometimes they are simply nitpicking, but they are hilarious!

There are TONS of movies reviewed on both of these channels, but I'm going to focus on my favorites today.  First off, the Star Wars Prequels.  The prequels are the ONLY movies on the ENTIRE "Everything Wrong With.." channel's list to have a part 2 since they are so bad!  These run long, but they are worth every minute...especially if you're in need of a laugh or despise the prequels as much as I do!!

Everything Wrong With The Phantom Menace:

Everything Wrong With Attack of The Clones:

Everything Wrong With Revenge of The Sith:

Wasn't that fun?!?  I told you they were accurate!!!

Now we come to my babies.  They did A LOT of nitpicking on these, but they also had quite a few good points!

Everything Wrong With Star Wars:

Everything Wrong With The Empire Strikes Back:

Everything Wrong With The Return of The Jedi:

Everything Wrong With The Force Awakens:

And now on to the Honest Trailers YouTube channel!  They don't have an honest trailer for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi yet, which is odd, but all of these trailers are ABSOLUTELY dead on...even episodes 4 and 7!!!

The Phantom Menace:

Attack Of The Clones:

Revenge Of The Sith:

Star Wars:

The Force Awakens:

If you stuck around long enough to watch all of these; I'm impressed!  They were awesome, weren't they? Now no one can say I can't take a joke or laugh at my favorite movie franchise!!!