Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Poking Fun At Star Wars

Most of you know that I LOVE Star Wars...minus the prequels, that is.  A few months ago I stumbled across two YouTube channels that have provided me with hours of laughter.  One is titled "Everything Wrong With..." where movies are picked apart and made fun of because of the ridiculous issues they present.  The other channel is titled "Honest Trailers" where they sort of do the same thing.  Instead of telling us what we want to hear and see about the movie, this channel gives us trailers about how the movies really are!  Sometimes they are simply nitpicking, but they are hilarious!

There are TONS of movies reviewed on both of these channels, but I'm going to focus on my favorites today.  First off, the Star Wars Prequels.  The prequels are the ONLY movies on the ENTIRE "Everything Wrong With.." channel's list to have a part 2 since they are so bad!  These run long, but they are worth every minute...especially if you're in need of a laugh or despise the prequels as much as I do!!

Everything Wrong With The Phantom Menace:

Everything Wrong With Attack of The Clones:

Everything Wrong With Revenge of The Sith:

Wasn't that fun?!?  I told you they were accurate!!!

Now we come to my babies.  They did A LOT of nitpicking on these, but they also had quite a few good points!

Everything Wrong With Star Wars:

Everything Wrong With The Empire Strikes Back:

Everything Wrong With The Return of The Jedi:

Everything Wrong With The Force Awakens:

And now on to the Honest Trailers YouTube channel!  They don't have an honest trailer for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi yet, which is odd, but all of these trailers are ABSOLUTELY dead on...even episodes 4 and 7!!!

The Phantom Menace:

Attack Of The Clones:

Revenge Of The Sith:

Star Wars:

The Force Awakens:

If you stuck around long enough to watch all of these; I'm impressed!  They were awesome, weren't they? Now no one can say I can't take a joke or laugh at my favorite movie franchise!!!

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