Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lights, Camera, Action!

About a month ago, I was contacted by people from Intermountain Health Center, where I had my surgery. Each year they interview people who've benefited from the technology that Intermountain Health Center offers.  The stories are put onto the hospital's main web page, and it's also printed in a hard copy.  My neurologist threw my name into the pile of those who could be interviewed and they decided that my story was interesting enough to highlight.

This last Friday my apartment was turned into the set of a TV show!  There were about 3 cameras, a microphone, 2 different kinds of lights, and 4 people here who were all involved to interview little ol' me! It was crazy to see how much equipment was needed, and watching them decide where I should sit, what should be in the background (turns out it was my Star Wars plates!) and where the furniture should be moved to.  All of this to make sure what they filmed turned out the best way possible.

Nick took Brandon and ran errands.  If Brandon had stayed, the entire process would've become all about him!!  He LOVES to be the center of attention, and nothing would've been accomplished! My mom stuck around in the event that I had a seizure; that way someone who knew what they were doing could help, and she was also there to help fill in any gaps in my memory since they were asking questions regarding things that happened years ago.

Questions were asked about when my seizures started, how they've changed my life, how Nick and I met. Many different topics came up.  My surgery in July and hopes for the future, and the discrimination I've had to deal with throughout the last 20 years were also spoken about.

It was nerve-wracking sitting in front of the camera, not knowing if I was giving them what they needed.  I felt silly.  I've been on TV before, but it was in high school while I was doing parades with the band. During those performances your family is lucky to even see you since the camera shot is constantly changing, and you don't even know where the cameras are...there was no time to get nervous! Apparently the man who interviewed me will have his voice edited out, so I had to make sure that I restated the questions in my answers.  The teacher inside of me laughed when he said that to me!  Isn't that what we're always telling our student's THEY need to do?!?

Look at all the equipment they needed just to conduct a small interview!!

After the interview, they went outside looking for a place where they could take pictures of me. Pictures...ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?  I was uncomfortable enough while they were interviewing me.  Now they wanted me to actually pose for pictures?!?

While the pictures were being taken, I began to understand, if only just a little bit, how the girl's who SUCK on America's Next Top Model feel!  The nice man snapping the pictures kept asking for ways he wanted me to stand, or hold my head.  It was just unreal.

It was also during this time that I was asked to call Nick and have him come back.  They wanted to shoot footage of the three of us.  Turns out Brandon was going to be on camera after all! Brandon got out some homework and they filmed us working on it at the kitchen table.  We all sat at the table and were filmed playing Uno. Then the three of us went outside and a cheesy "walking hand in hand" shot was filmed.  I can already picture how THAT footage will appear in the final copy!

This new piece won't be featured until next April, so they want to check back in with me around February and see how I'm doing.  Great...more time to loose more weight!  They also want to film my neurologist and I interacting together, so I'll be doing that next month.

I now have an idea about how shows like Property Brothers are shot.  I know that TV shows are edited, but certain shows have a very "cut and paste" feel about them, like Property Brothers.  I have a feeling this piece will have that feel.  I picture my interview being a voice-over, with the footage they shot of us in the background of the piece. I could be wrong.

Brandon is pretty sure that this will make him famous!  I'm excited to see the finished product. It was an exciting afternoon.  Between brain surgery, and now this interview, this year has been full of "once in a lifetime" opportunities...if you consider brain surgery an opportunity!!

I'll be sure to post the video as soon as it comes out.  I'm very grateful to be able to provide more information for those who are struggling with this decision.  This has been a big leap of faith for me, especially since there isn't a lot of information available for those who are trying to decide if this is the right choice for them. I hope that through this interview, and my continued blog posts, that I can help others who have questions.

Since the surgery, I've had more seizures than usual, but I know that this is a process.  I believe that in the next year or two, I will have been able to go a good 6 months without having a seizure, and will be on my way to gaining my independence back.

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  1. I just found your blog, and I can't believe how similar we are! I have had seizures for the past 20 years, mostly partial complex, and some tonic clonic. I have been on every medication, have a VNS, just tried the ketogenic diet (which made my seizures worse) and am looking into the RNS surgery. I know you're kind of early into the recovery, but I'd love to hear more about your surgery. I live out in the east coast and go to Johns Hopkins for my treatment. If you have a chance, you can email me at I know it's tough to find time, but I'd really appreciate a quick note to see how you're doing post surgery- it's kind of my last choice. Thanks so much.