Friday, October 21, 2016

2016 Politics; Is It Almost Over?

I have quite a few opinions about issues that have arisen over the past 18 months that I've grown tired of, and I'm going to share them with you today. People being offended by EVERYTHING, Black Lives Matter, and White Privilege are the main topics. However, Trump, Clinton, and even this Evan McMullin guy will be discussed.  Many of you won't agree with me, and that's fine because people today seem to have forgotten this:

This is going to be a VERY LONG and VERY OPINIONATED POST.  Where to begin, where to begin?  Well, here we go...

When we were young, we were taught that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me".  It was called teasing, and sometimes even considered bullying.  Older siblings have been doing it to their younger siblings for centuries.  I was bullied in elementary school.  I believe that we all grew thicker skin because of this. What is going on with people today?  Every time you turn around someone is offended about something someone else has said. Words and phrases that have been used since the dawn of time are suddenly causing mass hysteria.  And why, you ask? Because....FEEEELINGS!

Under the First Amendment, we are given the right of free speech. These days, there are more and more words that are being added to an ever-growing "no-no" list. There are many words that I choose not to use, because I don't believe they are the most proper, but enough with trying to make people stop saying them, or feel guilty when we do. Many of us were taught to "use our words", however, these days when we do someone gets offended. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

This ridiculous "word policing" has just gone too far, and I'm so fed up with it.  I'm not encouraging people to run around and start calling people horrible names while at the grocery store, or at school, but instead, to not be so sensitive about what other people say.  Each day more and more "offensive" words are added to this list.  It's time all the women in the world put on their big girl panties, and for all the men to simply grow a pair. Oops, did I just offend you?  Oh well, I'm not apologizing for it!!

OK.  Overly sensitive, easily offended people spoken about?  Check.  Now, on to the next issue.

I can't believe how many people in the country have turned against law enforcement since this Black Lives Matter movement began.  Where I believe that the intentions of this group are, for the most part, good; police officers are men and women who go out EVERY DAY not knowing if they will come back home that night. They put their lives in danger while they protect us on a daily basis.  They run into the unknown that we are often running away from.  Are there a few law enforcement officers who are shady?  Yes, I'm sure there are. Are there a few million people in the country who are shady?  YES.  Of that I am certain.  I'm not upset about what problems Black Lives Matter is trying to expose, but rather, HOW THEY ARE DOING IT, and how they jump to conclusions before the FACTS of the case have been made clear.

The narrative is often the same.  A black man is shot by a white police officer, apparently for no reason, according to BLM protesters. Someone was there and caught the encounter on their camera.  Everyone ASSUMES it was the Police Officers fault, that he shot the person BECAUSE HE IS BLACK, not taking into account any information that was given about the suspect. or even WHAT THE SUSPECT WAS DOING!!  I'd like to think that Police Officers don't enjoy shooting people, and that they only do it if they feel their lives, or the lives of those around them, are in jeopardy.  Apparently Black Lives Matter doesn't agree because even before a few hours have been given to let law enforcement figure out what the facts of the matter are, (like the race of those involved, which shouldn't matter anymore, but unfortunately now does) violence is erupting in the city the shooting has just taken place in.

Often what the rioters don't take into account is that it's not always a white cop who kills a black man. Black officers also shoot black men, and more often than not, the person who has been shot has a lengthy criminal record, maybe the gun being used was stolen, and they chose to not follow the orders of the Police Officers! I don't believe that Police Officers don't identify themselves and I'm sure they ask multiple times for the person they are trying to arrest to follow their orders.  Instead, hatred and violence come out of many ill-informed people.

When the race riots begin, more and more INNOCENT people, and properties, who had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CRIME are harmed.  We've gone from relatively peaceful protests years ago, to watching people try to "one up" each other regarding just how much damage can be done.

Many of the rioters are believed to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement, because they wear their shirts.  I do believe that many people with the Black Lives Matter movement have good intentions, however, this isn't just a problem that affects black people.  Every color of people out there are victims of some form of police brutality.  And where is the uproar when it comes to black-on-black crime, which is a real problem in cities like Chicago?  That seems to go unnoticed by the Black Lives Matter movement.  It seems like the only black lives that matter to them are those who are taken by police officers.  

I believe the only way to change this behavior and help our country come together instead of continuing to racially divide is for people to unite.  It's not a contest of who's suffering from the most oppression, or who's is more important.  We're all just human beings, and unity is the way out of this mess.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr once said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."  Enough is enough.

Rant on that over.  Moving on...

I'm so very tired of being accused of having some kind of advantages in life because I'm white.  I'd love to know just when in my life I've had any more privileges than anybody else.  I've been working since right after I graduated from high school.  I didn't receive any kind of college scholarship like those that are available for minorities.  I had to take out a rather large student loan that I am still paying for, and will be for years to come so that I could go to college.  I worked the ENTIRE time I went to college to pay my way through life.  I fought VERY HARD to graduate from college, due to my health issues, and worked even harder to make sure that I was employable because of said issues.  NOTHING has been handed to me on a silver platter.  20 years out of high school and I'm driving the car that I PAID FOR and have had for the past 11 years. The only thing automatic about it is the transmission.  There are no fancy bells and whistles.  Brandon thinks that all cars have windows that roll up manually, and any kids who've ever been in the car have NO IDEA how to get the windows to go down, or even how to lock the doors!! 

I continue to fight to keep myself inside the field that I worked so hard, and accrued so much debt, to graduate from college to do. And after all this time who would've ever thought that I'd be living in a small apartment instead of renting, or even OWNING my own home. Many young people today believe that EVERYTHING should be handed to them FOR FREE, simply because of the color of their skin.  Get out of my face. I am grateful for all that I have.  I realize that I do have more than some people, but I worked my butt off  to get to this point. Before you go accusing me of having been given all that I have because of the color of my skin, remember one thing:

This is the last, and biggest issue in life right now:

Is it November 8th yet?

This has been the WORST presidential election cycle since I was old enough to vote for the first time...maybe even the worst in history. Mind you, they're always uncomfortable and mean, but with social media so important to our culture today, and the media becoming less and less impartial and no longer reporting the news about EACH AND EVERY candidate EQUALLY, this election has taken on a life of its own...and I'm SO TIRED OF IT!

After 8 years of President Obama, I understand why millions of people are eager for a DRASTIC change in the leadership of our country.  I've never cared for Obama.  Since I'm conservative, his policies have rubbed me wrong since day one.  ENORMOUS steps backward have been taken when it comes to issues such as race and law enforcement, as I've already discussed. We've also witnessed the general decline of people in this country being able to use the brain that God gave them, and make decision for themselves, instead of basing them on what other people in the country do and think.  All of this has happened while under Obama's watch. What I have seen the past 8 years makes me wonder what has happened to our once proud, thriving country. Did it all start with Obama?  No, not all of it.  However, has it gotten worse under his leadership?  I absolutely believe it has.

When the primaries began almost 2 years ago, there were FAR TOO MANY Republicans seeking the office of the President.  There were around 17 people who duked it out for MONTHS, taking part in screaming matches that were called debates, until there was just one man left standing for the GOP.  Have I ever been happy about who became that last person?  OH, NO WAY!  I was always a fan of Ted Cruz.  I hope that he runs again in four years because I believe he would be a fabulous president. I'll admit that at one time I was intrigued by Donald Trump.  He said what many of the angry, frustrated people wanted to hear.  Where most politicians have always been more concerned about being politically correct, and worried about being re-elected, Trump told it like it was and many people ate it up.

The CONSTANT primary GOP debates made it difficult to stay interested in all of the candidates. There really seemed to be a debate every week.  I think that Trump fed off of this.  Instead of debates being a time for the candidates to voice their ideas and opinions, they became "must see TV", and it began to feel like we were watching a soap opera!  As the debates continued, I quickly grew tired of Trump's continued interrupting and yelling.  Many of the candidates made jabs at each other, which is normal, but they managed to do it politely, for the most part. Trump started to look like the school yard bully, and not very presidential. Unfortunately, enough people in the country didn't agree with me and he became the GOP candidate.  As my two only choices were now between Trump and Clinton, this is how I have felt ever since then:

I don't like, or trust either of them. Between Benghazi and the email server, Clinton should be in jail.  Trump is arrogant, new to politics, has many ideas that probably won't work, and doesn't play well with anyone. However, when I break down where each of them sit on issues that are important, like the 2nd Amendment, abortion, and national security, I side more with Trump.

The question plaguing most people is which one of these people do we vote for to run our country?  Many are now talking about voting for what their conscience says is best, and it's leading them away from the two most likely people who will this election.

This brings me to a former member of the CIA from Utah who is now running for president: Evan McMullin.

I've seen a rise in his popularity on Facebook as of late, and I want to express my views on him.  This man jumped into the race AFTER the primaries once he was unhappy with who the GOP candidate was.  He didn't go through the GRUELING process that all other candidates participated in.  I don't doubt his motives, but if he really wanted to be president, he should've participated in this process.  I feel like he did a HUGE disservice to the people who don't like either contending candidate by not allowing himself to be seen by the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

The majority of the country doesn't know who he is, or what his platform is.  We've never seen him in a debate, and had he participated then MILLIONS of people would've been introduced to him, seen him in action, and we might have had a LEGITIMATE alternative to Dumb and Dumber!  From the little I know about him, he is the candidate that my values and beliefs align with the most, however, there is a snowball's chance in hell that he will win.  People argue that if you vote for McMullin you aren't voting for Hilary. I completely disagree.  Like I said, the odds of him winning are slim to none. There are SO MANY different scenarios that would have to come into play before he'd even come close to the White House. Below is a link I found that explains how the stars would have to align, and what would have to happen for McMullin to become President.

Can McMullin really win the Presidency?

I fear for our country. The next president will have many difficult choices to make that have the potential to completely change the way our country has worked since its inception. Either of the main candidates pose reasons for us to be concerned.  In the end, this is how I feel:

If I could pick someone to be our president, this is the man I'd vote for...

If you've made it to the end of this post, I congratulate you.  These issues have been on my mind for quite some time.  There are so many other things I could continue to discuss, but I'd probably be writing for the next month straight, so I'll leave those for another time!

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