Sunday, May 14, 2017

Brain Implant Helps Control Epileptic Seizures

Back in October of 2016, Intermountain Healthcare interviewed me regarding the surgery I'd had there in July.  The interview was for their annual technology report, showing others how advanced Intermountain Healthcare has become.  I had a Responsive Neurostimulation device, often referred to as Neuropace, implanted in my brain over the summer to help control my seizures, and I was chosen to be spotlighted for the report. 

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I'd told my 6th grade student's about the interview back in October, and they were excited to see the magazine when it came out.  I'd been told it would be ready in April of 2017.

Half way through April, a few of my students asked me if the interview had been published.  I'd completely forgotten about it!  This afternoon, my husband and I went onto Google to see if we could find any information about the magazine, and oh boy, what we found was AWESOME!  My name actually came up when I typed it in the search engine. There is an actual VIDEO interview!  I thought it would only be in print!

To see the video interview, click here

It was a trip watching the interview, and finding my name pop up on a search engine.  My son keeps saying I'm famous.  No, I'm not, but it is pretty cool!!

I hope that I am able to continue helping those who are struggling with the decision of whether or not to embark on this journey.  Brain surgery is a VERY big deal, and is a VERY scary idea.  It's been almost a year since I received the implant, and I make progress each day.  I'm having fewer seizures each month, and continue to be happy with my decision.