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30 Days of TV: Day 6

Favorite Episode of Your Favorite TV Show

It was too difficult to choose just one episode of one show!  So I'm changing the rules here and bringing you a list of a few from each of my favorite shows!

First up:  my favorite episodes of Burn Notice

Season 2, episode 11;  Hot Spot.  See the promo for it here:

The "uniforms" sell this episode.  Watching the 3 of them getting dressed and then walking out of the loft is by far the best part, along with all the explosions!

Season 2, episode 13; Lesser Evil

Season 2 was by far the best season of Burn Notice.  It found it's groove and the story line was filled with non stop action.  This was the season finale episode, and it gets better and better each time I watch it.  Victor, (the man in the picture) was once an enemy of Michael's.  In this episode they end up working together to bring down the organization that burned them.  Between what happens with Victor, and the helicopter jump at the end, it is one of the BEST episodes.

Season 4, episodes 17 & 18;  Out of the Fire/Last Stand

"Dead" Larry


Michael has always had some very worthy adversaries.  Brennon was one of the best.   He once strapped a bomb to a child, shot Michael's brother Nate, and was just really good at being really bad!  For the 4th season finale, Brennon brought hell down upon Michael, his friends, and family.  As if having Brennon back wasn't bad enough, Brennon brought "Dead" Larry back to help keep Michael "in line"; basically he was there to make sure Michael did what Brennon wanted him to do.  These two episodes have so many twists and turns, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Season 7, episode 2;  Forget Me Not

This was the 100th episode of Burn Notice and the fans finally got what we wanted:  to see more of the back story of Michael and Fiona.  Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Westen) directed this episode, and it is so fun to watch.  It is both exciting, and heartbreaking.  Having gone undercover in the Dominican Republic, Michael's cover has been blown so he has to return to Miami, but he isn't allowed to see his friends or family.  The episode is made up of flashbacks that show us how Michael and Fiona met, fell in love, and what kind of "mayhem" they caused in Ireland.

Season 7, episode 13; Reckoning

It's fitting to end with this episode, as it was the SERIES finale of Burn Notice.  I just finished watching it, since season 7 posted to Netflix this morning.  The best part about this episode is that it takes the lines from the characters in title sequence that we've heard throughout the past 7 years and uses them again.  Below is a video I made myself, so that you could see the opening sequence and the phrases that we've heard for 7 years.

This episode has it all:  danger, excitement, sadness.  At times I was sitting on the couch with my heart in my throat because of fear; other times I was actually yelling at the TV because of what was happening.  For fans of this show, the finale gave us everything we could've wanted and more.

And now moving onto to one more TV series.  My favorite episodes of NCIS.

Season 3, episode 23 & 24; Hiatus

Tony, McGee, and Ziva wait in a car as Gibbs contacts an undercover government agent on a Turkish ship. They witness an explosion from the ship which kills the agent and severely injures Gibbs, leaving him in a coma. In his comatose state, Gibbs has flashbacks of the murder of his wife, Shannon, and eight-year-old daughter, Kelly, and being wounded during Desert Storm.  The entire first episode is completely devoted to learning about the story of Gibbs' family.

Watch a video about the first half of Hiatus here

During the second part of Hiatus, Director Shepard informs the team that Gibbs has regained consciousness but can't remember anything after 1991, which is a problem because he is the only one who has important information about a pending terrorist attack.  Several characters attempt to help Gibbs regain his memory.  This is when we first meet his former partner, Mike Franks.  Ziva visits Gibbs on his last night in the hospital in desperation to help him remember, grabbing his hand and using it to show him his trademark "head slap".  This, together with her emotionally reminding him that she had killed her own brother to save his life, shocks Gibbs into regaining his memory.

In a live video conference, Washington bureaucrats ignore Gibbs' recommendations.  As a Navy frigate attempts to board the freighter, the terrorist detonates his bomb and destroys both ships while the NCIS team watches on a large surveillance screen. Infuriated, Gibbs resigns and hands his badge to Tony, telling him that he is now in charge of the team and is ready for the responsibility. The episode (and season) closes with Gibbs arriving at Franks' house in Mexico.

This episode had me crying from the moment it started until it finished a week later.  We had always heard whispers about Gibbs' family, but this is when we finally got to see it; and it was very sad.  Watching Ziva struggle through Gibbs' not remembering who she is, watching Gibb's quit, and seeing all the emotion from all characters was simply amazing television.

By far my favorite episode is their 200th episode.  Season 9, episode 14; Life Before His Eyes.  It was all about what Gibbs' life might have been like had he made different choices in his life....kind of like a Christmas Story type thing.  Gibbs' friend Mike Franks comes to take him through the journey.  We see what life would've been like had his wife and daughter not been killed, if Kate had never died; we even see Ziva in a very different role.

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