Monday, December 6, 2010

Musicals Monday

For Ben and Levi:  Thanks for being two of the greatest friends, and for making my time at BYU-Idaho so much fun!

When I was at BYU-Idaho from 1997-1999 I was introduced to a movie called Robin and The Seven Hoods by Ben and Levi.

Editorial Reviews

"My kind of town, Chicago is...." The last film venture by the Rat Pack finds Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. in an update of the Robin Hood legend, set in Chi-town in 1928. The boys play gangsters who become Jazz Age Merry Men; Bing Crosby is their eloquent spokesman. As usual, women are in short supply within the featured cast, but the film is colorful enough anyway with its period trappings. By the time this movie was released in 1964, the Zeitgeist was already shifting toward the Beatles, and Frank, Dean, and Sammy looked like your father's entertainment. But while this film is no knockout, director Gordon Douglas (Young at Heart) makes it a pleasant enough way to say good-bye to the Rat Pack's life together on film. --Tom Keogh

We watched this movie CONSTANTLY, had every song memorized, and would find ourselves quoting it ALL THE TIME.  Dorks?  Yes.  Fun?  EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

The scene you're about to see is of the song Mr. Booze.  The corrupt police are trying to shut down the casino that Frank Sinatra's character, "Robbo" has created.  He goes to incredible lengths to make sure the police don't know he has a casino.

Levi and Ben dressed in their "swing" attire.  They were my "rat pack". 


  1. Ha! that's a great clip. what a show, eh? Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, Wendy. Can't wait to see what rolls out next time.

  2. Dang, Levi always looked better in a hat than I did - bonus fact: one of the only pictures of Levi at BYU-I when he doesn't have his thumbs up.