Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who Sings It Better?

Our battle today features three wonderful singers and one Christmas song that has been covered by every singer on the planet.  Since it's so OVERDONE, it lands on my "Songs I can't stand at Christmas" list!

First up, Mariah Carey singing "Oh Holy Night"

I'm not terribly fond of this version.  I think Mariah Carey, where very talented, tends to over-sing the majority of her songs.  She's just a little too much for me. 

Next up, Celine Dion:

I love Celine Dion's voice.  It's a beautiful version that is powerful, without going over the top.  She changes up the melody a little, and you can tell by watching her that she FEELS the song, and isn't just singing it to "play up" the crowd, like Mariah Carey.

Finally, a male perspective of the song.  Donny Osmond:

This is my favorite of the three versions by far.  Donny Osmond completely changes up the melody and the lyrics, making it sound like a new song.  He sings with the reverance that this song deserves, instead of trying to powerhouse through it.  I could listen to this version all year long, and I often find that I do!

So, who sings it better?

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