Friday, December 24, 2010

Remember, I'm A Dork

Yesterday, Nick, Brandon and I took the TRAX (a local train system for those of you unfamiliar with it) to Salt Lake City so we could see Temple Square at Christmas time.  It's always lite up with Christmas lights and looks even more spectacular than usual.

Brandon LOVES trains.  This was his first train ride, and he had a blast!  It's also worth noting that inside the train they have the rules posted.  One of the rules is to not participate in offensive language or conversations.  I'm still adjusting to the fact that I live in Utah!  In California a rule like that would have graffiti painted over it!!

I realized that Temple Square was going to be busy, but HOLY COW, it was swamped with people.  As we made stops closer and closer to the Temple, more and more people got on and I knew we'd all be getting off at the same place...I was right.

It was beautiful.  Being a California girl, I've only ever seen pictures of Temple Square at night; I've never been there in person.  While I was at BYU-I, I went with friends during the day, but it has changed A LOT since I was there 11 years ago.  Many things have been added.

Shortly after arriving we realized that we should've come earlier, and that the next time we go we will leave Brandon at home!  There is simply so much to see.  In one of the two visitor's centers, there are presentations all about how the Salt Lake Temple was built, and about the history of the church.  Not stuff a 3 1/2 year old really cares about.  However, there was a little section of train track that he thought was cool!

The other visitor's center was all about Christ.  Again, so much to see and read.  There is a huge life-like map of Jerusalem that shows where certain events in Christ's life took place:  where he was buried, etc.  The only thing Brandon cared about in this building was riding the escalator!  However, he knew EXACTLY who this statue was when we got to it....yep, I'm a proud mommy!

As we were leaving the visitor's center, Nick even ran into an old missionary companion!  Only in Utah!

Again, remembering that I'm a dork, and that this is stuff I've only ever seen on television, we got to go into the Tabernacle that was used until the Conference Center was built!

And then, for the sake of trying, we walked across the street to see if we could get into the Conference Center..... 

and we could!

Sorry the pictures of the Conference Center are so blurry.  This was also around the time that we realized I need a new camera....mine is HORRIBLE!

All around Temple Square there were horse-drawn carriages that people were riding in.  If we'd been there sooner, and had the money, we might've stood in the VERY LONG LINE; next time.

The ride home was interesting.  About 6 stops from home a gentleman boarded.  As he was coming on he was yelling that if we liked Christmas music we wouldn't by the time he was done.  He then began screaming Christmas carols, completely off key.  It wasn't pretty!  Now, if we were in California, the other passengers would've immediately told this gentleman to stop, but would've used more colorful language, I'm sure!  However, this happened in Utah.  He was annoying, but the some of the passengers started to get into it and sing along with him.

A few stops later a gentleman in front of us started to get annoyed and yelled at him to stop because "not everyone believes in that stuff"  Our singing friend didn't hear him and just kept on going.  Mr. Grinch then began flipping him off; maybe I was in California after all?!? 

The next time the happy singer came by, Mr. Grinch said it again, louder, and looked like he was about to pick a fight which worried me since we were sitting right there.  Mr Grinch obviously didn't read the rules and was clearly violatiing the rule about using offensive language!!  The singer heard him this time, and quietly went to the back of the train car where people appreciated him.

It was such a fun night.  I can't wait to go back without Brandon so that we can really take our time and get the chance to see and read everything that is there. 


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