Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zero Tolerance

Yesterday, a second grader threatened to stab his teacher in the hand with a pencil.  He also told her that he hoped it would hurt.  Coming from California, this is not a big deal to me.  I've heard stories about teachers having their lives threatened by students.  So a potential pencil stabbing just isn't high on my "terrorist watch" list!

What DID surprise me was the reaction from the school.  The student was suspended, and there's talk of possible explusion.

When I heard this, I almost fell over.  For months I dealt with a student who had threatened the lives of teachers multiple times, had been violent with them, and NOTHING HAPPENED TO HIM.  He would be suspended for a day and come back the next continuing his horrible habits. 

I was SO EXCITED to hear that I'm subbing in a school that takes threats seriously, that the principal won't stand for this behavior, acts quickly and takes a zero tolerance approach.  I can only imagine what would happen to this student if he threatened the life of a teacher!!!

Another HUGE difference between California and Utah....AND I LOVE IT!   

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