Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Signature Poses

After my last Musicals Monday post, Ben made a comment that has inspired this post.  He stated that the picture I used of he and Levi in their fedoras was one of the only pictures taken of Levi while he was at BYU-Idaho without his thumbs up.  That got me thinking....was Ben right?

So, off to my photo albums I went to test the theory.  I couldn't believe it:  BEN WAS RIGHT!!  I have A LOT of pictures, and Levi has his thumbs up in almost all of them!

Don't believe me?  Let my wonderful scanner prove the theory: 
(my scanner has the potential to cause a lot of trouble!!)

Ben and Levi inside their dorm...notice the thumb is pointing up 

Ben is on the left with the hat on, and Levi is in the glasses and white shirt down in front.  Again, the thumb is up, but so are the thumbs of most of the guys in this pic!

Can you find Levi in this pic?  Yep, the guy with his thumbs up!

At the Salt Lake City Temple.  Once again, the thumb is up
The girl in the picture is my other college roommate Beth, over at Free Stylin'

After seeing all the pictures of Levi with his thumbs up, I started to notice another trend.  Ben also has a signature pose.  Not wanting to leave him out of the fun, since he is the person who brought this fact to my attention, here are pictures of Ben. 

Outside my dorm room

Inside at my roommates birthday party

At my mom's old apartment in California

Ben liked to pose with his arms on his hips.  The majority of the pictures I have are of him in that position!!

Ben and  Levi are two of the goofiest, funniest guys I've ever met.  The last few pictures are three of my favorites.

Levi as a gargoyle

Ben and Levi, who just had to climb the tree!!

At my roommates birthday party

Do you have a "signature pose"?  If so, what is it?

Oh, I can't end this post without telling you about Levi's blog.  He is an AMAZING photographer!  Check out his beautiful pictures at SDesigns Photography

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  1. i have a tendancy to stick the tip of my finger in my nose, i know sound gross, but i do. i even have a wedding picture like that!