Saturday, January 29, 2011

Star Wars Saturday

Everybody who knows me understands that I LOVE STAR WARS.  Not the stupid "special editions" where George Lucas decided to change and add things (how stupid does Jabba the Hutt look talking to Han Solo?!), and not the crappy prequels that almost destroyed the glory, beauty, and wonder that are episodes 4-6.  I love the ORIGINAL Star Wars.

If I'm listening to the soundtrack, I know exactly where it is in the movie.  I can pretty much "line for line" the movies to you.  I've enjoyed most of the expanded universe novels (only those that deal with the main characters, not their children), and Brandon loves them too; let's face it:  I am a Star Wars geek, and PROUD OF IT!
That being said, I'm discovering that there are people on this planet who are FAR MORE COMMITTED to Star Wars than I am. 

I found pictures of people who've had tattoos placed on their bodies that are all about Star Wars.  Now, I'm all for wearing the high heels (oh, I'm still trying to discover if those shoes are real or not; if anyone finds them, PLEASE contact me!!), but I just can't do tattoos.  Besides the fact that I don't like pain, I just couldn't do that to my body.

If I were to ever get a tattoo (don't worry mom, it's not going to happen!) it would definitely be of Star Wars.  This is something I have loved for over half my life, and my love for it won't go away. 

Here are some pictures of people who tattooed Star Wars on their bodies.  These people are a lot further down the "Star Wars geek path" than I am!

 This is beautiful artwork!!!

Of all the tattoos, this one is my favorite.  The tattoo artist is AMAZING, doing an excellent job of recreating the characters images.  Wow, this man is committed.....and a little crazy!

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