Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where Is The Consistency?!?

I have a bone to pick with the entire Teaching Credential system of the U.S.A.  Why is it that each state has to have it's own set of requirements to teach?  Why can't there be a nationwide system so that when you get your credential in, let's say, California, you're good to teach in, let's say, Utah?

I have to get my Utah license before I can get a job teaching here.  I can be a substitute until the cows come home, but to get a full time teaching job, which is what I want, I must get it.  To get that license I have to take ANOTHER STUPID TEST!  I thought I had gotten away from having to take more tests when we moved to Utah.  In California, it was the CSET test, one I was never able to fully conquer.  I had passed two of the four tests, with math and science still to pass.

Utah has the PRAXIS.  I've had the opportunity to talk to A LOT of teachers the past few weeks who've had to take this test, and it isn't easy at all.  This is a farely new test, only about 5 year old.  That's another thing that bothers me.  If I have to take this test to prove that I know this stuff now, why don't teachers who are tenured have to take the test?  Tests keep being made to make sure teacher's know what they're doing....why doesn't EVERY SINGLE TEACHER have to take them?  Just because you've been teaching for a long time it doesn't mean you know the information, especially since these test makers keep coming up with dumber and dumber information to test people on.....the test content changes almost every year. 

If that mentality doesn't work for you, then try this:  why aren't the people trying to become teachers now only required to take the tests that tenured teachers had to take when they started working years ago?  I can GUARANTEE you that whatever test they had to take was easier than the tests we have to take today.  Many tenured teachers are happy about the fact that they don't have to take the tests we have to take because they know they would fail them!  Isn't that the reason enough to be tested?!?

The tests are stupid to begin with.  They ask the MOST RIDICULOUS questions that only scholars would know the answers to, and they forget that teachers have LESSON MANUALS that help them teach and provide the answers in the event that the teacher doesn't know it! 

Here is an example of a stupid question from the PRAXIS test:

The non-Spanish languages spoken in western South America result from
(A)  early Incan influence
(B)  the primitive nature of the countries
(C)  immigration by Mayan Indians
(D)  proximity to Central America

If you know the answer to this question, kudos to you.  My biggest problem with this question is that it talks about social studies events that aren't even taught until 7TH GRADE!  This is an elementary teacher test, grades K-6, WHY ARE THEY ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT TOPICS WE WILL NEVER TEACH ABOUT????  Oh, the answer is (A), in case you were wondering.

Here's another question, just to further my point:

The only French-speaking South American nation was the site of
(A)  the French Government in exile during World War II
(B)  the "Jonestown Massacre" in 1973
(C)  the revolt of the Foreign Legion during the Algerian crisis
(D)  the French penal colony Devil's Island

Excuse me?  WHO IN THE WORLD CARES?!?  I don't recall ever learning this stuff.  Maybe I missed that day in junior high, high school, and college when they talked about this.  Completely dumb.  The answer is (D).

Any test that provides seminars so that you can pass it (CSET), and large books on how to pass it (CSET and PRAXIS) is a test that is ridiculous.  I didn't have seminars in college to help me pass classes, and (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't believe we had any seminars to help us with the SAT's we took in high school.

All complaining aside, I WILL CONQUER THIS TEST, unlike CSET before it!


  1. Wendy, PRAXIS will be a piece of cake for you. But I do hate that you have to take it. Any test that uses the word "penal" should be banned from existence. I don't know what that word is but it gives me the heebie jeebies.