Friday, January 21, 2011

YouTube Friday


Back in November ABC broadcast the American Music Awards.  Like the MTV video/movie awards, I rarely watch this show anymore either.  However, this year I tuned in (well set the DVR!) because of one act.  My beloved New Kids On The Block were going to perform.  The only down-side/weird thing about it was that they had teamed up with The Backstreet Boys and this was their first performance as a "new" group before going on tour together.

For the most part, I enjoyed this performance.  The beginning of "I Want It That Way" was AWFUL...he was COMPLETELY off key.  They did a good job of making their songs into medleys.  And I really enjoyed the last 2-3 minutes of it.  I think it was clear which group still "has" it, and which group needs to just go away!  (and yes, I mean NKOTB is the better group!!!)

Would I pay to see a concert by both groups?  I would never pay to see The Backstreet Boys; but having only seen NKOTB once in my life, and missing the opportunity to see them when their latest album came out, yes, I would pay to see NKOTB!

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