Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Move Or Not To Move...

That is the question!

Well, here we are two days after the traumatic knock at the door and I'm very disappointed that our landlord doesn't seem to care about our loud neighbors and what happened.  We've been told that we can move into a new apartment on February 1st, but that's all the accomodating they will do for us.  They need to take their "noise patrol" and shove it!

There are pros and cons to moving or staying put.  The biggest con is simply having to actually move.  I have NO DESIRE to do that again anytime soon.  We just moved here, and we love this apartment; the location, everything.  Plus, there really isn't any time to do it, now that I've landed another long-term sub job that starts in February.

Of course the biggest pro for moving is that we wouldn't have to deal with the loud neighbors.  Now that I know that "noise patrol" and our landlords won't be doing anything, I suppose I'll just learn to deal with it better.  And hey, if it gets really bad, maybe one day I'll just return the favor and call the police on them! 

One thing is certain:  when our lease is up in September, we are OUTTA HERE!!  Maybe by then we will be more financially secure and able to actually rent a house...imagine that!!!

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  1. Such a hard decision! I would totally be calling the actual police on those neighbor when they're loud. Forget "noise patrol."