Friday, January 28, 2011

The Student Said What?!?

Today I had the opportunity to sub at the elementary school that I just finished my long-term job at.  Before school started I went to visit a few teachers, including the lady I subbed for.

One of her students, we'll call her "K", struggles in school a lot.  Earlier this week her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother came to see the teacher.  Where the teacher was concerned about K's school performance and failing grades, and wanted to discuss that, her family was only concerned about something that happened with the sub.....meaning me.

Apparently K told her family that I told her that she needed to take her braids out because they were ugly and looked bad.  What, excuse me?  The teacher wanted to ask me about it. 

Here's the kicker:  She never had braids in her hair during the six weeks that I was her substitute!  I would've noticed the braids, especially since her hair is usually in shambles and it looks like she just woke up and ran to school.  If her hair had been nicely done, I would've said something about how wonderful it looked!

I was very grateful that the teacher said something to me because K has a family that would run to the principal and complain....and that's just what I need...complaining parents when I'm trying to work my way into the school district!  Luckily the teacher knew it was a bunch of hooey, but wanted to get the whole story. 

Amazing, absolutely amazing.

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