Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day Twenty: A Hobby

A hobby:  really?  Well, I'm not into scrapbooking, I don't read a lot, (I read the Twilight series, but does that actually count as reading?!?)  and I don't actively play any sports.  Man, I am SO BORING!!!

The biggest hobby I have right now is blogging.  I have had SO MUCH FUN figuring out how to create and use a blog, adding pictures, and making the blog look fun and inviting to friends and family.  Since I'm not "computer savvy", figuring this out with minimal help has been something I'm very proud of.

I enjoy keeping up with friends by reading their blogs, using the blog as a way to keep a journal, and talk about life.  I don't think that my life is all that exciting, but blogging is a great outlet.  I joke with Nick because he doesn't read my blog--ouch, the knife cuts deep on that one!!!

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