Monday, October 18, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Spider....

Big spiders, little spiders, EVERY type of spider.

I woke up last Monday to find a spot on my belly, right at my waistline.  At first I thought it was a pimple, or a scratch mark.  I should've known better, I'm never that lucky!

After a few days past, it started to get bigger and we realized that it was a spider bite.  I've never had a spider bite before, so I didn't know what to expect.  Well, it began to hurt a whole lot, making it difficult to sit, bend, walk, basically do anything.  Friday I finally went to the doctor.  After telling me all about possible infections, he gave me a powerful antibiotic.  He also told me that if it wasn't better by Monday, I would have to come in and have it lanced.  I've never heard of lancing before, so here is the definition:

Incision and drainage and clinical lancing are minor surgical procedures to release pus or pressure built up under the skin, such as from an abscess, boil, or infected paranasal sinus. It is performed by treating the area with an antiseptic, such as iodine-based solution, and then making a small incision to puncture the skin using a sterile instrument such as a sharp needle, a pointed scalpel or a lancet. This allows the pus fluid to escape by draining out through the incision.

It sounded like SO MUCH FUN!!

Later the same day....

The procedure wasn't that bad.  It went exactly like it's described above.  I was given lidocane (sp?) to numb the area and the worst part was when the doctor was pushing on the area to get all the pus out.  That hurt, but I've been through much worse!  Getting a shot of antibiotics in my bum hurt more than the actual lancing!

I'm told that this will hurt for the next few days, and will take about a week to completely heal.  So I can check "spider bite lancing" off of my bucket list!!!

What killls me the most about all of this is I don't understand HOW the spider bit me.  And I don't know what the size of the spider was.  My mom laughed and said, "Wendy, spiders can get into anything.  We sleep with our mouths open.  You have no idea how many spiders you've probably swallowed in your life!"  EEEWWW! 

Maybe I'm glad I don't know what the size of the spider was!!

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