Friday, October 1, 2010

Technology; It's Great When it Works

I've never been technologically savy. 

I was one of the last people I know to get a cell phone, which is a plain jane phone.  It has no apps on it, no internet connection, and it's not an iphone.  I still text one letter at a time, instead of having the keyboard on my phone.  I still watch my VCR videos that I haven't bought the DVD for...I still watch DVDs instead of BlueRay!  (in my opinion, there's no real difference between the two!)  I was able to figure out how to use AT&Ts Uverse DVR, which is a gift from the GODS, and I was able to figure out how to use Direct TVs version of a DVR...Uverse is SO MUCH BETTER...but I digress. 

My latest technology journey has been the creation of this blog, which hasn't been too difficult to set up because of the wonderful help from Sneaky Momma Blog Design.  When anything that involves technology breaks down, I call my awesome brother-in-law and cry to him since he is the most technologically savvy person I know!! 

The one technology advancement that I have always had difficulty with is the internet.  This has always been annoying because it's the one thing I've relied on the most.  Using the internet has never been easy for me since there always seems to be a problem with it.  Either the speed is slower than dial-up, or the computer isn't working, it's been a struggle.

When we moved here the end of May, we immediately discovered that something was wrong with our internet connection.  We were paying for a faster speed, but the connection would constantly be lost, we couldn't even get the internet to connect after 3pm, and it was so slow it was pointless to use.

So after talking with our service provider we bought another modem to see if that was the problem.  Unfortunately the same problems occurred.  So, we had a technician come out yesterday.  He never actually came into our house, but was able to fix the problem.  (this explanation will be rough since I don't know all the technology terms!)    

Apparently the box where our internet was connected to was so far away from our house to begin with that there was practically no signal to allow the internet to connect to our house.  On top of that, the box where it was connected to had so many different people using it, that it was overloaded.  The technician could tell that our internet rarely worked.  He connected us to a different box, and now it works like a charm.  I'm very excited that it's working the way that it's supposed to, but I have to wonder WHY WAS IT HOOKED UP WRONG TO BEGIN WITH?!?  As long as the internet continues working the way it's supposed to, I can let that question go!   

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