Saturday, March 8, 2014

30 Days of TV: Day 23

The Most Annoying TV Character

During Season 6 of Burn Notice, the MOST ANNOYING character EVER created was brought to the screen.  For the complete recap of season 6, click here.

Basically, the entire group is trying to get out of the country because of choices that were made.  They turn to a smuggler named Schmidt, played by Patton Oswalt.  I'm not very familiar with this actor, but holy cow, his character is the most annoying man I've ever seen on Burn Notice....heck, he's the most annoying character EVER!

Schmidt can get the passports and paperwork to get everyone out of the country, but he needs their help first.  Then they discover the passports won't work, so he turns to another supplier for new passports and learns that the price has gone up.  The team has to recover a high tech gadget from Schmidt's heavily guarded warehouse and get it to a client.  Of course the device is shot up so they have to attempt to repair it.

They finally get their passports from the obnoxious Schmidt, they just need the microchip implants from a rival smuggler of Schmidt's.  Vanek, the smuggler, wants revenge against Schmidt for costing him millions in a past deal, and FOR CALLING THE FEDS ON HIM!

I was hoping to only have to endure one episode of Schmidt.  By the time the episode "Odd Man Out" arrives, we've been forced this stupid character for the third straight hour.  Instead, they all get trapped in a warehouse and have to figure out how to escape.

Schmidt is the most annoying character because he is always whining about something.  His voice is shrill, and his stupid behavior causes so much trouble that it makes the last 3 episodes of the season almost completely unbearable to watch.

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