Thursday, March 13, 2014

30 Days of TV: Day 28

First TV Show Obsession

If you were a teenager, and a girl in the early 90's, you watched Saved By The Bell on a weekly basis!  I loved this show.  What kind of trouble would Zach get into?  Would Kelly pick Zach or Slater?  Would  Slater wear a shirt that showed off his massive arm muscles?

Saved By The Bell gave us our first experience with teenage drama.  Zach and Kelly finally became a couple, only to break up over some stupid guy.  I remember being so sad watching that episode!  How could Zach and Kelly not be together?!?  It was like Ross and Rachel breaking up, just 15 years traumatized many girls!!

Saved By The Bell also took on serious issues.  One of the most famous episodes was when Jessie began having an addiction to medication so that she could stay up and study.  It may look silly now, but  for many of us, it was our first exposure to harmful drugs.

In the end, it was a show all about 6 friends, one of which we each could relate to, who stuck by each other through all the twists and turns of high school.  The more I write this post, the more I wonder if the writer's of Friends just boosted the idea for their show from Saved By The Bell!!!   I stuck with the show through the spin-off; The College Years, but left once they tried to reboot it with Saved By The Bell:  The New Class.

I was thrilled that after watching this show for so many years, we got the ending we wanted:  Zach and Kelly got married!  Had they tried to end it any other way, and entire generation of girls would've been forever damaged!

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