Monday, February 21, 2011

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Well, I just finished taking a practice PRAXIS test.  Remember, that's the stupid test I have to take to get my Utah Teaching License, even though I'm completely credentialed in California?  Yeah, that test.

The test I took was online, and it scored the test, told me which questions I got wrong and everything.  I was only 10 points away from passing the test!  This is huge because I am HORRIBLE at these tests.  That, and the fact that I started to fall asleep while taking it; which accounts for my awful score in the history/social studies category!

This practice test has given me hope.  I just might be able to pass this test on the first try, get my Utah license, and get the money from the test back!!  The school district will reimburse you if you pass it the first time.

Now I'll just concentrate on the questions I got wrong.  I've chosen to not look at the answers since there's only one practice test, I don't want to cheat myself into a passing score.  I have about four more weeks until I take the test and time scheduled to continue studying.  I'm hoping that the "Gods of Test Taking" will smile down on me and help me just get this done!!

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