Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Sings It Better?


I've never been lucky enough to see the musical The Phanton Of The Opera on stage; but through it's phenomenal soundtrack I've learned all about the story.

Our match-up today will be two versions of the infamous song, The Phantom Of The Opera.

First up, the version by Sarah Brightman and the most famous man to play the Phantom, Michael Crawford.

I heard that a few years ago someone made a movie based on the play The Phantom Of The Opera.  I never saw it, but found this clip one day on YouTube.  Emma Rossum (an actress I've never heard of), and Gerard Butler play the lead parts.  Here is their version of The Phantom Of The Opera.   

So, which do I prefer?  Really....really?  I think we know the answer to this!!

Who sings it better?

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