Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Sings It Better?


I'm not a real fan of today's "pop" music.  Maybe if I actually took the time to listen to some of it my opinion would change, but people like Lady GaGa creep me out; Justin Bieber is a baby, and all the "pop princesses" from the Disney channel make me want to gag.  Give me The Beatles, or the best music from the 80s and 90s anyday and I'll be happy.   

Our match-up today is a classic example of why great songs should not be covered by other people; especially the "pop princesses" of today.  Time After Time, by Cyndi Lauper, was one of the most popular songs of the 80s.  The multi-colored, oddly cut hair, and kooky video all add to the greatness of this song.

First up, Cyndi Lauper's version.

Next up, a version by Ashley Tisdale.  I don't know if she was a singer first, but I know her as the voice of Candace on the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.  The clip is boring because it's just this picture, but you get the idea.

A question:  why do people continue to make crappy covers of beautiful songs that sound like bad karaoke?  WHY, WHY WHY?!?  Did that version make your ears bleed the way mine did?  I couldn't even finish this version, it's so horrible! 

Well, we know which version I prefer, how about you?

(Later the same day I wrote this post)

Hold the presses everyone...this post isn't finished yet.  I just found a cover of Time After Time that I think I might like better than Cyndi Lauper's version!  I'm not going to tell you who is singing it until after you listen to it:  I don't want to bias anybody's opinion.

Without further ado, here is a third version of Time After Time:

Barry Manilow has redeemed himself from his HORRIBLE cover of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and proven to the world that you can cover a popular song, make it sound different, put your own spin on it, and in some cases have it sound better than the original!!  The key change at 3:20 is beautiful!

So, which version do I prefer?  Now this is a tough call.  I think I like Barry's version the best!

Which do you prefer?

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