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Ten On Tuesday


10 Great Television Episodes

Wow, this is a tough one.  There have been SO MANY great television shows.  Notice how it doesn't say "The Best Episodes Ever", it only says "Great" episodes.  I may not like the entire episode, but the clips you're about to see are those that I think are great....and they're not in exact order.

You can disagree with me all you like, leave a comment with your suggestions!

Here we go:

1.  The Cosby Show - Happy Anniversary
This was during the "golden era" of family TV.  The "Happy Anniversary" episode is a classic as the Huxtables sing to their grandparents.

2.  The Golden Girls - One Flew Out Of the Cuckoo's Nest
This is the final scene from this HILARIOUS show.  I LOVE THIS SHOW and no matter how many times I see an episode, I laugh and laugh!  What makes this scene so special is that these four women aren't acting; the tears and emotions are completely real.  Everytime I see this episode, I cry and cry.

3.  The Carol Burnett Show - Went With The Wind
I didn't see Gone With The Wind until recently, but I grew up knowing that this was a spoof of the legendary movie.  Carol Burnett and the other comedians are simply priceless, and this is one of the most famous skits from this show.

4.  NCIS - Requiem
If you follow this show, you know that the wife (Shannon), and young daughter (Kelly) of Gibbs were killed years ago by a drug cartel.  In this episode, Kelly's childhood best friend needs help and comes to Gibbs.  This clip isn't exactly how it played out on TV, but it's wonderful.  Tony jumping in to save their lives, and Gibbs' "dream" of his wife and daughter....the writer's know exactly how to tug at our heart strings with this story line!

5.  Whose Line Is It Anyway - Episode 308
Ryan Stiles (the tall guy in the blue shoes) is a very funny man.  Many of you who know me and read this blog know that I love Whose Line Is It Anyway.  The following clip takes place during a game titled "Party Quirks".  It starts off pretty normally, and then goes crazy when something happens to Ryan.  I bust out laughing each time I see this!

6.  Burn Notice - Lesser Evil
I have two clips for you about one of Michael Westen's rivals, Victor.  Burned by the same people who burned Michael, Victor's family was killed by them and then he was recruited to do their dirty work.  He starts out as a villian, trying to kill Michael multiple times.  By the final episode of the season, he and Michael decide to work together to stop the organization that burned them both.  I love this character because he is witty, smart, and the more we find out about Victor's past (that the bad guys killed his family), the more we see his good side.

7.  Friends - The Last One
Possibly the greatest comedy show ever, I could've just used 10 clips from this show, but that wouldn't have been as much fun!  Like Golden Girls, this final scene always makes me cry because you can tell that the actors are doing everything they can to make it through the scene without breaking into tears.

8.  The Cosby Show - Goodbye Mr. Fish
Another classic clip from the Huxtables; do you know of anyone who would go to such great lengths for their daughter?  Simply hilarious!

9.  Alias - The Telling
Season two was arguably the best season of this show.  The following two clips, from the season finale, were something the viewer had been waiting all season to see.  Sydney is a spy for the CIA, and what she doesn't know is that her friend Francie has been doubled (the real Francie was murdered), and has been secretly wreaking havoc for the CIA.  These two clips are when everything is made known to Sydney, culminating in one of the best TV fights ever.  I apologize for two clips, but I couldn't find what I wanted with just one clip!

10.  Whose Line Is It Anyway - Episode 204
"Three Headed Broadway Star" is the best game on this show; especially when someone screws it up!  In this clip, Wayne, Drew, and Ryan attempt to complete the song after Drew messes up.  If you are ever having a bad day, THIS is the clip to watch....it will make you laugh every time! 

So, what did you think?

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