Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Teacher In Me Needs To Vent!

* First, a disclaimer:  I am not, nor do I claim to be a perfect parent in ANY way, shape, or form.  As a teacher it just FRUSTRATES me when parents do stupid things that screw up their children.  The teacher in me is writing this post!!

With that said, here we go...

I started my long-term subbing job for Kindergarten on Wednesday.  Last week when I did my orientation, one student was missing from the class.  We'll call him "A".  He made his impression in a big way yesterday.

20 minutes after school started, A was asleep on the carpet.  He slept for three hours, until lunch.  I was told by the aide that this is what he does.  A doesn't come to school very often, and when he does he runs away from the class, falls asleep, and throws fits.  So I was told to let him sleep.

After lunch he didn't want to participate in anything, and attempted to just lay on the ground.  To make a long story short, the assistant principal had to come in, grab him out from under the computer table, (you know, so he didn't fry himself or the thousands of dollars of technological equipment!) and physically pick him up and take him to the office.  A kicked and screamed the entire time.  And I mean the ENTIRE time!

After speaking with the assistant principal this morning, I discovered that A has a rough life.  It was discovered that the reason he sleeps all day long is because his mom finds him playing his Wii at 2 in the morning!!  Is it just me or is there a very simple solution to that problem?  UNPLUG THE WII AND PUT IT WHERE THE CHILD CAN'T GET IT!!! 

Since A's mom isn't consistent with bringing him to school, she's begun bribing him to stay at school.  You know, candy if you stay all day, a new game if you stay all day...that sort of stuff.  Yea, we see how well that's working!  She is completely aware of his behavior at school.

Today he came to school, fell asleep at his desk, and was on the floor asleep within 30 minutes.  A decided he didn't want to wake up for lunch.  The aide picked him up, and gently swung him from side to side in attempt to wake him, but it wasn't working.  I finally told her to stop, that I didn't want him to think it was funny, plus it's not her job to wake him up.  The assistant principal came in, and drug him to the office where he promptly fell back to sleep.  She then attempted to call his mom, who, by the way, doesn't answer her phone.  Gee, I wonder why?

Two hours later I heard something outside the classroom door.  I slowly opened the door to find A sitting in front of it, with his mom standing by him.  The school psychologist wanted mom to bring him back to class because A likes the fact that he gets to leave early....

A's mom also wanted to come to the class because he told her that his friends at school were making fun of him.  Seriously, when is he conscious enough at school for anyone to make fun of him?!?  I let her know that yesterday he slept the entire morning, and no one bothered him.  He was hardly in class after lunch before being removed, and today was the same story.  If anyone was making fun of him, it wasn't happening inside the classroom. 

The principal had come around the corner and heard this coversation, and I was glad.  Mom left, and the principal attempted to get A to come back into class.  Crouching down to A's level, he encouraged him to get a book and read like everyone else.  A didn't like that and decided to get violent...another one of his behavior issues.  He began punching the principal in the chest....hard.  And that's when A was once again taken out of class.

The teachers, including the one I'm subbing for, are all afraid that I'm going to bail on them.  Why, because of one problem child?  I'm from California, I'm used to having three or four problem children in one class!!!

The staff at this school are doing all they can to remedy this situation.  That's great to hear because A provides a horrible example for the rest of the students.  He's allowed to do all the things you're not supposed to do at school (ie sleep, fight, kick, scream,) and to a 5 year old it may look like he's getting his way.

 Is it just me, or are the solutions to some of these problems obvious?  In case they aren't, I'm going to give my opinion.  Parents, current or future, please listen:

  • You have to be consistent with your child when it comes to school.  Unless they're sick, they should be there every day.
  • Don't bribe your child to go to, or stay at school.
  • If your child is having issues, GET INVOLVED and CARE.  Don't just drop your child off at school and be happy that you don't have to deal with him for a few hours!
  • Put your child to bed at a decent hour if they have school the next day; a sleeping child on the floor is embarrassing to you, and a horrible example for the rest of the class
  • Take away whatever is distracting your child from sleep (the Wii in this case)!  You're the parent, ACT LIKE IT!

It's going to be very interesting to see how this continues to play out.  From what I've seen, and it's only been two days, the staff is fed up with this boy, and they are pulling every resource they can to somehow fix these problems.  Too bad someone can't simply tell the mom to UNPLUG THE WII!!! 

And the vent is over!  I don't know about you, but I feel better.

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  1. uh wow.... i'm thinking this mom need to go to mommy boot camp.